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Viroclinics-DDL and Infinity BiologiX Deepen Their Partnership

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September 14, 2020 | Categorised in:

Viroclinics-DDL and Infinity BiologiX Deepen Their Partnership

The two companies bring their existing partnership to the next level by developing customized services to assist pharma, biotech and governmental clients with clinical diagnostics and global logistical services.

Viroclinics-DDL and Infinity BiologiX (IBX), formerly known as RUCDR Infinite Biologics, started their partnership five years ago to support large scale phase 2/ phase 3 clinical trials in the US and Canada regions. “We initially looked for a highly specialized strategic partner, with expertise in the field of laboratory processing services. IBX has been able to meet and exceed our expectations managing tight clinical trial deadlines” said Davide Molho DVM, CEO Viroclinics-DDL. “Processing laboratories are of vital importance to maintain the chain of custody and integrity of unique clinical samples, collected during clinical trials and shipped to a testing laboratory. This is especially the case for virology and pandemic related studies. IBX is capable of scaling-up capacity and operations to absorb peak in demand without compromising quality or timelines. With our joint experiences in the field of virology we are highly capable of supporting COVID-19 studies”. Dr. Andrew Brooks, CEO and CSO of IBX continued: “Now more than ever, it is of the utmost importance to utilize each other’s strengths and develop logistical and diagnostic services, tailored to the needs of our clients. Viroclinics-DDL has an impressive track record of providing preclinical, clinical diagnostic and logistic services. We strongly believe that we can leverage each other’s unique capabilities with our partnership”. Both parties will join efforts to implement innovative customized service propositions on a global scale and are currently working on many novel solutions, such as a saliva-based test capable simultaneously detecting and distinguishing Influenza A & B virus from SARS-CoV-2 with the same saliva sample. By expanding the strategic partnership, both partners will be able to drive far more impact for their clients and communities.

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