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IBX maintains stringent quality control and assurance procedures, while retaining flexibility to meet the changing needs of the biomedical research community. We utilize novel methods for both analytical and functional QC of nucleic acids.

Analytical Quality Control

Automated non-contact DNA sample detection is used for assay plates and sample storage tubes. An automated microfluidic 96-sample multichannel spectrophotometer provides precise UV/VIS spectral analysis (260nm, 280nm, 230nm, 260/280 ratio, 260/230 ratio) of microliter droplets of DNA/RNA, protein or small compounds.

Functional Quality Control

A small aliquot of blood from the original sample collection tube is stored from which DNA can be extracted at a later date to resolve any sample identity, sample contamination, or pedigree relationship issues. DNA comparisons are done using a proprietary RUIDTM panel containing 96-SNPs developed by IBX.

Bioprocessing Quality Assurance

Each operation is computerized to minimize sample mislabeling and/or cross-contamination. All samples and sample containers bear a 2D barcode to ensure sample identity. New kits, reagents, and protocols are validated before routine use. All lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCLs) are tested in-house and shown to be free of mycoplasma, bacterial, and fungal contamination. All cryopreserved LCLs are viability tested.

Sample Management Quality Assurance

IBX maintains secure, state-of-the-art facilities with redundant backup emergency power generators. Real-time proprietary databases and advanced barcode technology are used for tracking samples, with hard-wired and wireless communication to mainframe computers. Cryopreserved LCLs are stored in multiple locations, including a remote backup site, with around the clock monitoring.

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