COVID-19 Risk Test

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A leading-edge risk assessment that estimates your personal risk of severe disease

Estimate your personal risk of severe disease requiring hospitalization if you were to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19).

Why is the COVID-19 Risk Test helpful?

The COVID-19 Risk Test allows us to identify adults in our communities at greater risk of developing severe symptoms requiring hospitalization. This test can protect our population by identifying the most vulnerable. By understanding who among us are at greater risk for developing severe disease, we can be more thoughtful about safety protocols, and personal risks that we are willing to take for ourselves and our loved ones.

How to use the test


Order the test kit online


Receive and register your kit online


Provide saliva sample for testing


Return sample by postal service


Receive your personalised report

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  • At-Home, remote access
  • Needle-free – only a saliva sample necessary
  • More effective at identifying risk than age and sex alone
  • Accurate testing processed within a CLIA certified laboratory
  • Combines genetic & clinical risk assessment models
  • Identifies adults at-risk of developing severe COVID-19

Why is it helpful?

The COVID-19 Risk Test can empower you to understand your risk of developing severe symptoms.

Be Proactive: If you are at high risk, and do become infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the future, contact your healthcare provider immediately. Do not wait for severe symptoms to appear because there are treatment options available to you that can be given immediately following infection.

Take risk-based precautions: Maintaining your routine care and medical screenings are important, even during a pandemic. Request appointments to accommodate your risk and your comfort level.

Vaccine compliance: Vaccinations are currently being distributed based on age and risk level. Schedule your vaccine; if you are at higher-risk of developing severe COVID-19, a vaccine could be life-saving.

How it works

Until now, our understanding of COVID-19 severity has been limited to the use of clinical risk models that observe age, body-weight, and comorbidities as risk factors. 

The COVID-19 Risk Test uses clinical risk models as well as patient-specific genetic risk markers to better identify a person’s risk of developing severe COVID-19, if ever infected with SARS-CoV-2. In short, it uses conventional risk factors with the added analysis of your DNA to calculate your personal risk.

So what are genetic risk markers? Put simply, a genetic risk marker is a change in your DNA that can be used to represent your risk for a health outcome (in this case, severe COVID-19). 

Our DNA sequences have variants, or unique differences, that give us distinctive characteristics like hair color, eye color, and even the predisposition for certain diseases. Modern research allows us to identify which variants are strongly linked to health outcomes for diseases like breast and colorectal cancer. During the pandemic, we focused our expertise in identifying disease-associated variants where we, with the collaboration of multi-national consortia, were able to identify and validate variants associated with COVID-19 severity. 

By analyzing your DNA we add up the number of variants in your DNA that have been strongly linked to COVID-19 severity. We combine this with your other clinical risk factors. Your final COVID-19 Severity score is your personal percent-chance of developing severe COVID-19, if ever infected.

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