Nucleic Acid Extraction and Storage

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Nucleic acid processing and extraction services are offered for whole blood, biofluids and tissue

We offer flexible DNA extraction capabilities consisting of organic, solid-phase, salting out and bead-based extractions chemistries from virtually any tissue source. We process and extract RNA collected and stored from frozen tissue biopsies, FFPE block/slides, Paxgene RNA tubes, Paxgene Tissue containers, RNAlater and Genotek Oragene RNA collection tubes. We have extensive experience in protocol development and can provide expertise to ensure the right technique is applied for each requisite tissue/sample type.


IBX provides a wide array of genotyping, gene expression, and microarray services. We offer both pre-validated and custom assay panels for genotyping and gene expression analysis of human and rodent samples. Our platforms include both traditional qPCR-based detection as well as high-throughput microfluidic chips and microarrays, all with fully automated processing. We provide consultation for experimental design, platform and microarray selection, as well as Bioinformatics support. We also offer massively parallel next-generation sequencing on the latest platforms from Ion Torrent and Illumina. Comprehensive service bundles include nucleic acid extraction, integrated sample QC, and fully automated construction of sequencing libraries. Visit sample analysis and discovery for more information.

Quality Control

All nucleic acid samples are subject to comprehensive analytical and functional quality control procedures. Analytical quality control consists of concentration, purity and volume measurements utilizing cuvetteless spectroscopy that measures contaminant profiles allowing for precision measurement of nucleic acid. Functional quality control consists of the RUIDTM quality panel for DNA. This panel rapidly measures 96 SNPs that provide information on sample performance in downstream applications, sample uniqueness, sample contamination, gender and ethnicity. This patent pending technology allows for immediate reconciliation of sample collection and registration errors in addition to qualifying each and every DNA prior to costly downstream analyses. Our quality control provision is state of the art and in place to ensure sample quality and integrity for downstream analysis. RNA is quality controlled using the RUIDGxTM quality panel. This approach analyzes tissue-specific transcripts that interrogate the entire length of selected transcripts as well as a variety of expression levels. This rapid analysis provides direct assessment of cDNA fidelity and provides a score for each sample which correlates directly with microarray and RNAseq performance for any sample.

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