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Two new posters given at the 2021 ISSCR Global Stem Cell Annual Meeting detail the materials and services IBX makes available to researchers

Gene editing and stem cell research give insight development and progression of disease in humans.

As a biobank, IBX provides the research community with access to iPSC and source cells, plus services like storage, processing, and preparation of samples for clinical trials, as well as support for lab work, DNA extraction, and more.

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Poster 1:

Gene Editing for Generating iPSC Models of Human Diseases and Development

  • How we use CRISPR/Cas9 technology to create isogenic cell lines
  • Our gene editing strategy and workflow
  • A case study of editing polyglutamine locus of the HTT gene

Jianhua Chu

Infinity BiologiX

PhD, Senior Director, Laboratory Operations

Poster 2:

Infinity BiologiX – A Global Stem Cell Resource

  • Overview of available biomaterials from:
    • NINDS Human Cell and Data Repository (NHCDR)
    • NIMH Repository and Genomics Resource (NRGR)
  • Review of the minimum set of quality control assays for all iPSC generated and distributed
  • Flow chart of iPSC services provided by IBX

Jennifer C. Moore

Infinity BiologiX

PhD, Senior Director, Advanced Sample Processing Services

At IBX we offer the highest quality biomaterials, technical consultation, and logistical support for researchers in academic and for-profit settings worldwide.

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