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Helping Schools and Companies Reopen Safely During COVID-19

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September 15, 2020 | Categorised in: ,

Telehealth Company, justmiine, Launches One-of-a-kind Platform, miinehealth, To Help Schools And Companies Reopen Safely During COVID-19

Unique, end-to-end platform allows organizations to manage thousands of individuals, and includes FDA-approved COVID-19 testing through partnerships with Infinite BiologiX and Metro Infectious Disease Consultants

Telehealth company, justmiine has partnered with next-generation central laboratory Infinite BiologiX (IBX) and Metro Infectious Disease Consultants (MIDC) to launch a new platform, miinehealth, a comprehensive COVID-19 solution that brings together COVID-19 testing, telehealth and digital screening solutions, and infectious disease experts on call to help schools and businesses reopen and resume operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miinehealth is powered by justmiine, a Telehealth – Remote Patient Management technology company developed by doctors, for doctors. Miinehealth reduces the risk of exposure to organizations, deploys at-home COVID-19 live virus testing, provides access to the largest infectious disease medical team in the country, and allows organizations to monitor and manage thousands of individuals in quarantine to ensure that only healthy employees may be physically present.

Municipalities, schools, and businesses looking to resume operations will have access to miinehealth’s end-to-end medical-grade solutions fostering healthy environments through at-home digital health-checks, COVID-19 live virus at-home testing, telehealth support by infectious disease doctors, and quarantine management and contact tracing. This is a first-of-its-kind solution already being implemented by top companies across the United States.

“Businesses and schools are doing all they can to open their doors, yet they are overwhelmed by a constantly changing environment, regulations and recommendations. They don’t know who or what to trust. The partnership with IBX couples cutting-edge telehealth tech with world-class testing solutions to provide a comprehensive medical-grade solution set,” says Dr. Luciano Fochesatto, Founder of justmiine and miinehealth. “Backed by our partnership by top medical professionals at MIDC, miinehealth is the only end-to-end tool in this market to offer safe reentry for organizations while we wait for a COVID-19 vaccine.”

The company partnered with IBX, formerly RUCDR Infinite Biologics, before recently spinning off from Rutgers University, to provide high-quality, FDA-approved at-home saliva test kits. These minimally invasive tests are less risky for healthcare workers, offering faster sample collections and testing, results in 24-48 hours and increased availability of testing with no delays to swab shortages. This joint effort creates the only partnership between a Telehealth/RPM provider with an at-home saliva-based test.

Dr. Andrew Brooks, Chief Scientific and Executive Officer of IBX explained, “The IBX Saliva test is quicker and more scalable than swab collections and was the first COVID-19 test to offer at-home collection, all allowing us to reach an incredibly broad population. Now, through our partnership with miinehealth, we have the opportunity to further increase that reach and get this test in the hands of patients across the country.”

miinehealth has also partnered with Metro Infectious Disease Consultants (MIDC) to provide employers and school access to the nation’s largest infectious disease team via telehealth.  MIDC is working with miinehealth customers to digitally triage employees or students into the proper COVID-19 care plan from self-quarantine to administering an at-home COVID-19 test. The MIDC team takes the burden off customers to then ensure that employees / students are safe and healthy to return for work or school. 

“miinehealth provides the monitoring infrastructure that will allow entities to return to work in a safe and productive environment,” according to Dr. Russell Petrak, the Managing Partner on MIDC. “miinehealth is the engine that allows us to be comfortable with the data being presented, making rapid evaluations and dispositions possible.”

The miinehealth platform is a one-of-a-kind, full-service platform that allows businesses and institutions to incorporate the following health and safety tools:

  • Daily digital health checks that identify risks before employees leave home
  • Compliance and safety assurance to gate facility access
  • Medical teams and infectious disease experts to support and triage daily organization needs, with expert resources on demand
  • FDA-approved COVID-19 testing
    • Partnership with IBX, a next-generation central laboratory, to provide contactless, at-home saliva test kits
  • Fully integrated software for visibility into organizational results
  • Quarantine management software – medical grade software can easily track and care for those who are sick, under testing or quarantine
  • Organizational level reporting – fully integrated and includes cluster analysis
  • Contact tracing to quickly stem the spread of the virus

Miinehealth software is safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant ensuring that employees are comfortable, and their needs are met first before anything else. For more information on miinehealth and how companies can use its solutions-based platform visit www.miinehealth.com.

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