Storage Facilities

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Dedicated IBX facilities currently occupy over 45,000 square feet of laboratory, storage, and office space

There is 6,000 square feet of additional off-site warehouse space for bulk plastic and consumables storage. All incubators, freezers, and refrigerators are monitored 24/7 by central alarm systems that notify both IBX and University personnel in the event of equipment performance deviations. A separate building houses the backup site for all cryopreserved specimens. In addition to the audible/visual fire and smoke alarms, IBX has multi-tiered alarm systems that monitor ambient O2 levels and door entry activity.

These in turn are monitored by a SCADA 3000 Sensaphone system that notifies key IBX personnel through a dedicated phone line. Only authorized staff with a valid, coded key card may enter IBX facilities. A computer record is generated for all key card entries. In addition,  closed circuit video cameras stationed at critical areas monitor the interior and perimeter of the facility.  IBX laboratories are designated BL-2 and are inspected semi-annually by Rutgers Environmental Health Services and Fire Safety Inspectors.

IBX completed a ten million dollar laboratory expansion project in 2013 which houses advanced, automated robotic instrumentation. This renovation was partially supported by an ARRA grant from the NIH.


IBX has over 4,000 square feet of specially constructed space for cryogenic mechanical storage, which currently houses 88 (30 cu ft.) -80°C freezer units. All critical equipment and mechanical systems are on emergency backup power provided by two natural gas and three diesel-fueled generators with a total capacity of 1.5 megawatts. Rutgers also maintains a large auxiliary power plant located less than a quarter mile from IBX.

Liquid Nitrogen

IBX has over 5,000 square feet of specially constructed space for cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage vessels. This space currently houses 65 high capacity liquid nitrogen tanks holding approximately 2.5 million ampules with an independent, separate backup site for all cryopreserved cell lines. High-efficiency vacuum jacketed insulated pipe conveys LN2 directly from the dedicted 6000 gallon LN bulk tank located on site, to all internal cryotanks.

Temperature Control Environment

All sample storage facilities have 100% redundant HVAC and personnel safety monitoring systems in place in the event of a LN2 pipe leak or cryotank equipment failure. The multi-unit HVAC system has been constructed with excess capacity to handle any additional, unusual heat or cold load.

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