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The datacenter employs two redundant Leibert 5 tons AC and a Liebert NX 30KVA UPS for complete power protection. In a total loss of electrical power, the room is protected and maintained by an emergency diesel generator with 8 hours of service before refueling. Each server in the datacenter has a dedicated 10 Gigt port on its own switch for optimal connectivity. Each server is dual CPU, minimum of 64 GIG RAM and redundant power supplies, redundant fans and is tied to a RAID 10 system for the OS and Connected to the Clarion SAN. Some employ RAID 10, 50 or 60 and we have fully migrated to disks pools for optimal disk performance. Each server is monitored 24/7 via HP Insight manager and tied to the Information Technology (IT) personnel via cell phones on email and TX. The datacenter environmentals are monitored by Liebert systems directly on a 24/7 basis.

Data file services are handled by a HP Proliant Server G7 on the EMC Clarion SAN for a total of 100 Terabytes of available space for our users on PC and Mac. The space is spread over 100 spindles and uses the latest SAS fiber technology.
To safeguard this space, we have employed Symantec Netbackup 7 with a dedicated backup server, 100 Terabytes of backup to disk space via a VTL and 3 dedicated tape libraries (2 LTO5 and 1 LTO4) each with 2 tape drives. In addition to off-site archival, there is also an in-house, tamper-proof data safe capable of storing 100 tapes, resisting 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Software Development

IBX information technologists, working with STARLIMS architects, continue to design, develop, test and implement enhancements as needed to support new services offered, base software upgrades and client requirements.

System Administration

IBX maintains an Information Technology (IT) management committee to implement IT strategies and policies. The committee is divided into groups with expertise in hardware, LAN, WAN, Security and Management, software, and laboratory applications. This group meets and discusses all IT issues ranging from user-friendly interfaces to security. Committee members have extensive experience in managing large genetics collections and their accompanying data sets as well as expertise in cleaning and organizing databases to enhance their clinical and scientific utility. Specialists in information systems are responsible for the installation, maintenance, repair, and security (e.g., backup, software, antivirus, etc.) of all network resources and computer systems. Staff members are on call 24/7, either automatically if there is a hardware issue, or by phone for consultation.


IBX implemented a state of the art enterprise-level laboratory information system (LIMS) to further integrate the critical components of the repository, STARLIMS Clinical Laboratories Information Management System (IBX LIMS). The STARLIMS solution is an industrial grade, completely tunable package which has been highly modified and customized to support IBX activities. STARLIMS is an entirely web-based solution that leverages XML and other internet-based solutions and provides an interface for clients needing to request kits, pre-register study samples or request DNA/Cell Distributions. The system is designed with extensive security and directly addresses real time sample querying, user friendly interfaces for clients and real time billing inquiry. The IBX LIMS system enforces time-delimited lock-out feature that denies access after periods of inactivity. The system is configured for minimum password lengths, the use of alpha-numeric/hard passwords and tracks all login attempts, successful or not, logging the originating workstation in addition to user id and date/time. The LIMS system creates a full audit trail that provides secure, computer-generated, time-stamped data to independently record the date and time of operator entries and actions that create, modify, or delete electronic records.

The IBX LIMS database undergoes daily backups scheduled through the SQL Server Agent. This backup is archived to Blue-ray locally by the IBX IT staff. The database is also fully backed up on the fly daily by our Enterprise backup solution, Symantec Netbackup 7. This backup includes a full database and transaction log backup on all data. Tapes are maintained onsite in a fireproof data safe for 30 days and taken offsite on a monthly basis. A one-time yearly backup is taken every year and maintained offsite.

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